The Derby & Bourbon, 2 things that Kentucky is most known for. It is time to add a third item to that list, Gay Softball.  

On January 30 2021, The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) Delegates voted to welcome the Derby City Pride League from Louisville Kentucky as part of the NAGAAA family.  

“We’re the first league in Kentucky.” Kevin Hanson, Treasurer of the Derby City Pride League. “Hopefully we can bring some value to NAGAAA the same way NAGAAA will bring value to us.” 

“I don’t think people realize how big Louisville is. It’s 1.3 million people, a metropolitan city with large cities surrounding us on both the Kentucky side and across the river. The size of the city and the corporate contacts we have here I think are a huge asset we can provide.” 

Tim Miller, Derby City Pride League Commissioner is excited to send players to the Gay Softball World Series.  

“We’re excited about taking teams to the world series, we’ve had teams go to some of the member cities before and we have a group of 9 who travel to play anyway,” said Miller. “Sending teams to other cities is great, but now we can send people to the world series to compete amongst the 5,000 other people who travel in” 

“We’re also happy to be able to provide our travel players a place to play at home as well,” said Miller. 

Do not assume the Derby City Pride League is completely new, the league has been together for 11 years. And Hanson, an attorney in a former life, use to be Commissioner of the Suncoast Softball League in Tampa Florida, and was involved in the Minneapolis League as well.  

“We actually didn’t have a league name when we first started,” said Miller. “Our first time attempting to join NAGAAA we were actually called the Derby City Alternative League, but we wanted to get away from the alternative aspect and bring in more of that pride aspect.” 

“Louisville is a unique city because we’re on the border with Indiana, we actually have 2 prides here, Kentuckiana in June and Louisville’s own Pride in October,” said Hanson. 

“With Tim as Commissioner and 5 other executive board members we can do a much more organized and concerted effort to get involved with the local pride community and other gay sports leagues,” said Hanson.  

Now that Derby City Pride League is an Official NAGAAA member city, Miller & Hanson are ready to take DCPL up a rating or two.  

“One of the challenges we’re facing right now is growing the league,” said Hanson. “We’ve adjusted a few things like our game nights to add value to current and potential members, but we’re trying to reach our tentacles out even more.” 

“Our teams pay for themselves,” said Miller. “We don’t have a sponsor for the league or for our teams. So, one thing I’m looking to figure out is how we can get more involvement from the community to help make the cost a little easier for our teams and members.”   

From NAGAAA to the Derby City Pride League, congratulations and welcome to our family! We are thrilled to have you!    

As of now the main communication channel for the Derby City Pride League is the Derby City Pride League Facebook Group, feel free to join that group to keep up with any updates on NAGAAA’s Newest Member City.