Each year, NAGAAA partners with a Host City to deliver the Gay Softball World Series (GSWS) — the largest annual, LGBT single-sport, week-long athletic competition in the world. Teams from the 46 Member Cities across North America compete to qualify and represent their city in one of five Divisions.

The 2021 NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series will be held from August 29th through September 4th in Columbus, Ohio.


Visit the official 2021 NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series website.


2019 GSWS - Kansas City

Click here for the gallery of photos from the 2019 Gay Softball World Series (GSWS), courtesy of Larry Barthel (Triquetra Productions). To see the list of the the 2019 GSWS Champions, click here.

NAGAAA’s 2019 GSWS was held from September 2 – 7, 2019, in Kansas City, MO.
Delegate meetings were August 31st – September 1st.








A DAL Texas Force
A LA West Coast Swing
A LV Laser Sports
A PHX Charlie’s Phoenix
A PORT PDX Brewers
A PS Rounders 2.0
A SF Fury Unleashed
A TC One Simple Plan
B ATL Mass Destruction
B ATL Primetime Elite B
B ATL Show Stoppers
B AUS ATX Fusion B
B BOS Boston Blizzard
B CHI Gotcha Covered Dragons
B COL Inclusion
B DAL Dallas Eagle Bandits
B DAL Lone Star Smash
B DEN Denver Stixxx
B HOU Revolution
B KNOX Cyclones
B LA Rebels
B LA Thunder
B ORL Orlando Voltage
B ORL Unicorns B
B PHX AZ Scorpions
B SD Loft B
B SEA Freeze
B SEA Lawless
B SEA Los Gallitos
B SF Fury
B SF Quake
B TUL Tulsa Smoke
C ATL Aces
C ATL Southeastern Shehawks
C ATL Wet Demons
C ATL Wild C
C AUS ATX Fusion C
C BIRM Hot Mess
C BOS Boston Rebels
C BOS X – Factors
C CHAR Carolina Queens
C COL Capitals
C COL Rampage
C DAL Dallas Reapers
C DAL Sidebets
C DAL Wreckin’ Crew
C DC DMV Gridlock
C DC Envy
C FTL Stampede
C FTL Supervillains
C HOU Cheetahs C
C HOU Hustle
C HOU Wild
C KC Cocktails
C KC Kings
C KNOX Cyclones
C LA Cartel
C LA Fighting Cocks
C LA Fury
C LB Crushers
C LV Reigning Men
C NASH Force
C NY Eagle
C OKC Blaze
C PHIL Philly Love
C PHIL Wolves
C PHX Desert Heat
C PHX Diamonds
C PROV Platinum
C PS Stingers
C SD Quake
C SD Scorpions
C SEA Slayers
C SEA Wildfire
C SEA Wolfpack
C SF Blackout
C SF Cougars Ambush
C SF Liquid Courage
C SF Sluggers
C TAM Morning Wood
C TC Big Gay Moose
C TC Muskies
C TC Steel
C TC Swingers
C TUL Tulsa Smoke
C VAN PumpJack Rage
D ATL Reign
D ATL Titans D
D ATL Vengeance
D AUS ATX Scrubs
D AUS Austin Blaze
D AUS BT2 Ball’rz D
D AUS Warriors-Black
D BIRM Bama Boys
D BOS Postmasters
D CHI Delta Burke’s
D CHI Hydrate Blue Ballers
D COL 614 Elite
D DAL Devils
D DAL Green Sox
D DC Boy Butter Ballers
D DC Shockers
D DC Titans
D DESM Dirty Divas
D FTL Felicias D
D FTL Riptide
D FTL The Coalition
D HOU Boomerangs
D HOU Juggernauts
D HOU Sons of Pitches
D HOU Tequila Shots
D INDY D Sluggers
D KC Hammer Time
D KC Hitmen
D KC I’d Hit That
D KC Inferno
D KC Serpents
D KNOX Shock Therapy
D LA Fury
D LA Ruffnex
D LA Shade
D LA Swingers
D LB Dynasty D
D LB Queen Marys
D LV Bandits
D LV Firebenders
D MATL Norfolk Gunners
D MIL Brew Crew
D NASH IllumiNaughty
D NO Sloppy Seconds
D NY Fusion
D OKC Sons Of Pitches
D OKC Wolfpac
D ORL Home Wreckers
D ORL Unicorns D
D PHX Diamonds in the Rough
D PHX The Demons
D PORT Martinis
D PS Palm Springs Heat
D SAC Rascals
D SD Over the Limit
D SD Tsunami
D SEA Muffin Tops
D SEA Revolution
D SEA Sasssquatch
D SEA Sockeyes
D SF Bombshells
D SF Cougars Cubs
D SF Thumpers
D SNE Crew
D STL Rebels
D TAM Otters
D TC Force
D TC Titans
D TC Triceratops
D TOR Outlaws
D VAN PumpJack Brew Jays
E ATL Chargers
E ATL Woofs Wackers
E AUS EZ Ball’rz
E DAL Thunder Kitties
E FTL Hot Hitters
E HOU Electric Hits
E KC Kittens In Wigs
E LA Ruffnex
E LV Outlaws
E MEM Cotton Row Uniques
E NASH Pink Panthers
E ORL TailGaytors
E SEA Revolution 2
E SF Cherry Bomb Pops
E TAM Wicked Woofs
E TC Purple Reign
MC DC National All Starz Classics
MC FTL Alive & Kicking
MC HOU Hey Daddy!
MC MATL Norfolk Master Gunners
MC PHX Spare Parts
MC SD Renegades
MC SF Hearts of Fury
MC TC Steel Masters
MD ATL Grey Wolves
MD COL Stallions
MD DAL 50 Caliber
MD DAL Titans Masters
MD FTL Code Blue
MD FTL SilverHawks
MD HOU Silver Balls
MD KC Nemesis
MD KNOX Koolaid
MD MAD Old Fashioneds
MD NY Eagle
MD ORL Swag Sportswear
MD PHX Dusty Ol’ Devils
MD PROV Rhode Island Rockers
MD PS Desert Nighthawks
MD SD Rebels
MD SEA Silverbacks
MD SEA Sugar Pops
MD SF Hold My Beer
MD TAM Silver Lightning
MD TC Rounding Third
MD VAN PumpJack Drillers


2018 GSWS

The 2018 Gay Softball World Series was held from September 3 – 8, 2018, in Tampa Bay, Florida.



Click HERE for the gallery of photos from the 2018 Gay Softball World Series (GSWS). The 2018 winners are listed following the sponsors, below.


Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors

(as of July 10, 2018)


2018 A Division 1st ORL Unicorns
2nd PHX Arizona Toros
3rd PS Rounders
3rd SF Fury Unleashed
2018 B Division 1st KNOX Cyclones
1st ORL Voltage
3rd FLT Noize
4th AUS Fusion
2018  C Division 1st MATL Thunder
2nd ATL Wet Demons
3rd NO Southern Belles
4th DC Envy
2018  D Division 1st MATL Norfolk Gunners
2nd  KC Hitmen
3rd AUS Blaze
4th BOS Postmasters
2018  Masters Division – Classics 1st HOU Hey Daddy!
2nd MATL Master Gunners
3rd PHX Arizona Spare Parts
4th FTL Code Blue
2018  Masters Division – Legends 1st PS Desert Dogs
1st PHL Triple Play Legends
3rd FTL Silverhawks
4th PHX Dusty Ole Devils

Click HERE for the gallery of photos from the 2018 Gay Softball World Series (GSWS) in Tampa Bay, FL.