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March 28, 2019



2019 NAGAAA Cup To Be Live Streamed For First Time Ever


NAGAAA Partnering With Cloud Sports Network For Live Streaming Broadcast



DENVER, COLORADO — The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA), organizers of the 2019 NAGAAA Cup softball tournament in Denver, Colorado May 25 — 27, has announced a partnership with Cloud Sports Network (CSN), the first professional streaming service dedicated to amateur sports coverage, to broadcast tournament games live in a format accessible from any internet-connected device in the world.


“The NAGAAA Cup is an invitation-only tournament that brings together our best A and B Division teams from all around North America,” said Jeff Card, NAGAAA Commissioner, “making it an elite-level of competition featuring some of the best softball players in the world. For this level of competition, it seems only fitting that we bring CSN’s leading-edge streaming technology to provide a new dimension to our event for our players, their families, and friends who can’t make the trip and to fans everywhere of highly competitive softball.”


Live broadcasts will begin Saturday, May 25th and will be streamed on NAGAAA’s Facebook page and YouTube channel simultaneously. Because of the interactivity of the social media platforms, viewers will be able to leave comments as the games unfold, rooting for their favorite teams and cheering their favorite players.


“It’s an honor for CSN to be the chosen carrier for the 2019 NAGAAA Cup,” said network co-founder Roman Jimenez. “This tournament will mark our one year anniversary since we began streaming and we are excited to bring our technology to this elite tournament.”


CSN’s broadcasts feature multiple camera angles, on-field microphones, and professional play-by-play commentary. Viewers will also see broadcasts with static on-screen graphics that always show which teams are playing and the score.



While the NAGAAA Cup is its own, self-contained tournament featuring some of the best adult softball teams in the world, it is also a qualifying tournament for the Gay Softball World Series (GSWS), NAGAAA’s flagship annual softball tournament that brings over 5,000 athletes to a different host city every year. In addition to trophies and bragging rights, the top-finishing teams at the NAGAAA Cup will receive a free and guaranteed entry into the 2019 GSWS, which will be held September 2 – 7 in Kansas City, Missouri.


Throughout the United States and Canada, there are 46 cities with a NAGAAA affiliated league, many of which play softball year round. This means for NAGAAA Cup, there is a potential streaming audience of over 17,000 athletes, along with the friends and families of the players participating in the tournament.


NAGAAA is the member-driven managing organization that coordinates the highest level of international competitive LGBT softball. NAGAAA sets the standards for fair play, supports local leagues with understanding and executing those standards and ensures accountability and compliance with the standards during sponsored athletic competitions. Currently there are more than 46 cities in North America with a NAGAAA Affiliated league, and there are collectively over 1,000 unique teams and over 17,000 players.


Cloud Sports Network is the first live-streaming broadcast company dedicated to providing professional level broadcasts to amateur sports. With multiple cameras, on-field microphones and professional play-by-play and color commentary, Cloud Sports Network is finally bringing amateur athletes the coverage they deserve.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jeff Sloan, NAGAAA Secretary or Roman Jimenez via phone at 619-838-9776 or email




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