Below is a list of all the past NAGAAA Cup winners for each division.


2016 Dallas, TX A Atlanta Elite – Champs
A Texas Force (powered by Dallas Woody’s) – 2nd
A Palm Springs Rounders 2.0 – 3rd
B Austin Hot Flash – Champs
B Orlando Unicorns – 2nd
B Dallas Toxic – 3rd
2015  Phoenix, AZ A Palm Springs Rounders 2.0 – Champs
A Houston Force – 2nd
A Phoenix Toros – 3rd
B Orlando Voltage – Champs
B Tulsa Smoke – 2nd
B Phoenix Ice – 3rd
2014  Phoenix, AZ Roscoes Coors Light HP2 Ticoz Monsta Toros – Champs
Palm Springs Rounders 2.0 – 2nd
Orlando Force – 3rd


Results from previous years will be posted soon.