The NAGAAA Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual within our organization. Members of this esteemed group have made vast and significant contributions to NAGAAA over the years. The membership represents individuals who are pioneers and innovators. It is on their backs that our organization was built. Each year, we celebrate these honorees and welcome the new inductees at the Hall of Fame Dinner.

The Hall of Fame members include:
1997 Jack McGowan (Deceased) San Francisco
1997 Mark Brown San Francisco
1997 Everett Hedrick (Deceased) San Francisco
1997 Fred Howe (Deceased) New York
1997 Richard Diaz (Deceased) New York
1997 Chuck Dima (Deceased) New York
1998 David Kraemer (Deceased) Los Angeles
1998 Jerry Desale Houston
1998 Bill Sansom Houston
1998 Tom Theis (Deceased) Milwaukee
1998 Tom Salzsieder Milwaukee
1998 Rick Ritt San Francisco
1998 Nancy Pribich Pittsburgh
1998 Ken Parks (Deceased) Southern New England
1998 Ron Burbey Twin Cities
1998 Dick Hoffman (Deceased) Twin Cities
1998 Bill Muldoon Twin Cities
1998 David Francis Atlanta
1998 Warren Shepell Toronto
1999 Ed Visconti Southern New England
1999 J.J. Hendley (Deceased) Philadelphia
1999 Jack Parrish (Deceased) Los Angeles
1999 Jerry Fitzpatrick (Deceased) New York
2000 Fred Bastida (Deceased) Los Angeles
2000 James Flint Chicago
2000 Gary Staples Boston
2000 George Pratt Toronto
2001 Al Weber Twin Cities
2001 Bob Trammell Twin Cities
2001 Frank Bostic Ft. Lauderdale
2001 Steve Sternfeld San Francisco
2001 Tom Vindeed (Deceased) San Francisco
2001 Glen Burke (Deceased) San Francisco
2001 Jim Downey Toronto
2001 Robert Burnham Boston
2001 John Cieplak (Deceased) Chicago
2002 Framan Lewis Edwards Jr. (Deceased) Mid-Atlantic
2002 Tommy Garbarino (Deceased) Philadelphia
2002 Larry Mistichelli (Deceased) Philadelphia
2002 Scott Franklin Los Angeles
2002 Homer Alba Los Angeles
2002 Rick Brattin (Deceased) San Francisco
2002 Bob Docca San Francisco
2002 Dave Gilliam San Francisco
2002 Don Welsh Phoenix
2002 Greg Troia (Deceased) Atlanta
2003 Ken Johnson Twin Cities
2003 Ted Brozowski Southern New England
2003 Beau Hammitt Los Angeles
2003 Paul Gedman Boston
2003 Gary Brenner Boston
2003 Bill Smith Dallas
2003 Mel Littlejohn Los Angeles
2003 Arthur Johnson Chicago
2003 John Panarace New York
2004 Mike Harwell Houston
2004 Robert ‘Lon’ Berger Atlanta
2005 Jim Marks Atlanta
2005 Bob Schwartz Atlanta
2005 Buck Bachman Boston
2005 Bill Svetz Boston
2006 Matt Miller Dallas
2006 Tony Prichard Mid-Atlantic
2006 Mark Graupmann Mid-Atlantic
2006 Bill ‘Woody’ Wood Philadelphia
2006 Jim Young Philadelphia
2006 Mike Price Atlanta
2007 Will Hartmann Atlanta
2007 Don Kezima Toronto
2007 Rob McNair Toronto
2007 Time P. Time Seattle
2007 Paula Cline Denver
2007 Arturo Olazabal (Deceased) Milwaukee
2007 Cal Steinmetz (Deceased) Washington, D.C.
2007 Mike Groby San Diego
2008 Jerry Chaffin Houston
2008 Ernie Clutter Kansas City
2008 Dominic ‘Nic’ Bacetich Seattle
2008 Mark Hoover Phoenix
2008 Mark Springer Los Angeles
2008 Mike Gray San Francisco
2008 Geoff da Silva Toronto
2008 Ken McNeill Boston
2008 Gary Trudeau Toronto
2009 Christopher Groomes Los Angeles
2009 Guy Haberman Los Angeles
2009 Willie Johnson (Deceased) Los Angeles
2009 John Pielock Southern New England
2009 Frank Pichinini Seattle
2009 Scott Kyle (Deceased) Twin Cities
2009 Dale Dmitrzak Houston
2009 Rich Riccio San Diego
2009 Bobby Nicholson Chicago
2009 Phil Runions Chicago
2009 Sam Coady Chicago
2009 William Gorman Boston
2009 Joe Peltier Boston
2010 Mark McGrath Boston
2010 Mike Hughes Milwaukee
2010 Peter Meyer Chicago
2010 Herb Muenchow (Deceased) Houston
2010 George Biagi San Diego
2010 Chet St. Clair Columbus
2010 Paul Falcone Ft. Lauderdale
2010 Mark Hughes Phoenix
2010 Gary Castro Los Angeles
2010 Jack Brannigan Toronto
2010 Tommy Lee Sherck San Francisco
2011 Chuck Burlinham Southern New England
2011 David Lerma Los Angeles
2011 Roy Melani Portland
2011 Gary Carter Atlanta
2011 Mike Crocker Atlanta
2011 Jim Szakacs Toronto
2011 Mike Travers San Diego
2011 Rob Papa Philadelphia
2011 Jeff Schoonover Long Beach
2012 William (Whitey) Whitehurst Long Beach
2012 John G. Skoubis Chicago
2012 Dan Schaefer Washington, D.C.
2012 Matthew V. Bittner (Deceased) Washington, D.C.
2012 John “JT” Thomas Twin Cities
2012 Wayne (Gator) Guethlein Atlanta
2012 Scott Palmer Atlanta
2012 Andrew A. Bourne Los Angeles
2012 Jason Winburn Los Angeles
2012 Pat Conlon San Francisco
2012 Mark Ertel Southern New England
2012 Brett Akers Southern New England
2013 Frank Delgado Los Angeles
2013 John Deffee Phoenix
2013 Dan Cleveland Atlanta
2013 Chip Brown Washington, D.C.
2013 Terri Goddard Kansas City
2013 Scott Young Tampa
2013 Chris Balton Memphis
2013 John Haas Boston
2014 Brian Reinkober Milwaukee
2014 Johnny Russell Dallas
2014 Greg Smith (Deceased) Dallas
2014 Marc Triplet Long Beach
2014 Brad Mayeux Boston
2014 Gerre Reynolds Tampa
2014 Johnny Johnson Houston
2014 Jerry Fontes Phoenix
2014 Emerson Ross Atlanta
2014 Desmond Fletcher Los Angeles
2014 Ken Scearce Los Angeles
2015 Bill Hull Boston
2015 Charles Bareras Los Angeles
2015 James Williamson Palm Springs
2015 Jim Costello San Diego
2015 Jerry Travis Tampa / Fort Lauderdale
2015 Jim Michener Tampa
2015 Jeff Chase Philadelphia
2015 Scott Filimon Dallas
2015 Richard “Rosie” Jimenez Los Angeles
2015 Michael Valerio Philadelphia
2016 Jim Imgrund Twin Cities
2016 Dave Dennistoun Twin Cities
2016 Mona Garcia Milwaukee
2016 Jim “Pearl” Bailey Birmingham